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Our Services

Loading & Unloading

If you think our services are limited to packing and moving, please think twice. We go beyond just packing and moving, to meet your loading and unloading needs. Often overlooked is the risk of damage to goods that normally occurs during loading and unloading. At Insta Seva Service, we understand these pitfalls and take all necessary steps to address them. We train our employees to handle all goods very carefully without damaging them. Skilled craftsmen never damage valuable items.

Household Shifting

Family Shifting is our masterpiece and we know how to play a push-and-move effort.With offices across the country, we expertly handle all activities, ensuring that the travel process and We manage the progress of your work to provide world-class pressing and transfer services in compliance with global guidelines at very economically sound rates. Our impeccable service is primarily aimed at homeowners or renters who want to transport their belongings from one city to another and even abroad.

Transportation Services

Insta Seva Service provides specific cargo transportation management with the help of prepared staff and quality hardware. If you have entrusted us with the responsibility of transporting your goods, you can just sit back and relax without worrying about the cheapness or safety of transporting your goods.

Packing and Moving

We have skilled, prepared, genuine and certified packers and movers who will accommodate and secure essential and exorbitant materials and your entire family.Our specialists are , handling household materials, business supplies, all kinds of hardware, handicrafts, handicrafts, delicate products, furniture, electronic hardware and other delicate items during the pressing and moving period, and helping clients products can be stored more securely. Arrived at destination.

Relocation Services

Moving your home with a professional packing and moving company can be a very safe and hassle-free experience. While you are planning to move from one city to another or within the same city, we have professional packing and shipping services that can pack your goods in the highest quality packing materials and professionally pack and transport them to your destination. You need to hire a moving company. It doesn’t matter how many items you need to pack and move.

Warehousing Services

Warehousing services mainly include storage facilities for household goods, industrial goods, furniture and automobiles. We offer both temporary and long-term storage options. We accept short-term and long-term storage according to customer’s request. Requirements such as proper documentation work and expert advice are provided to each individual according to their needs. Our trained and professional managers and staff have extensive experience, skills and understanding of the market to provide consistent, fast and reliable warehousing facility services anywhere in India. . 

Unpacking Service

Insta Seva Service provides our customers with the reliable unpacking services they need to unpack their homes and equipment. When moving from one location to another, you absolutely need a company that offers the best and highest quality unpacking services. Hima Packers And Movers is integrated with companies that provide customers with reliable unpacking services required for moving and packing services. Simply send an inquiry to to find the best company.

Residential Relocation

Insta Seva Service provides excellent work environment skills. Just as a family move requires special inspection and proper packing and cushioning of items, a business transaction requires a special overview of the work environment that must be moved from one place to the next. Much like family transportation, there are so many family items that need to be effectively stacked so they can be found quickly when unloading. Plus, it hurts productivity in every conceivable way.